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Discontinuing Returnable Jars

Joseph Shumway
December 21, 2023

This year, we launched our Returnable Jar program where we began offering ice cream pints in returnable glass jars. Our hope was that local customers would take advantage of the opportunity to reduce waste and purchase pints at a lower price.

Sadly, after a full season of running the program and purchasing hundreds of high-quality glass jars, we only saw a 5% jar return rate. Considering the expense of purchasing new jars, we can no longer offer glass jars as a packaging option. While this makes us sad, we remain committed to finding other ways to reduce waste at our shop and will still only use compostable paper cartons. We also remain committed to encouraging customers to dine-in with reusable dishes and only providing plant-based, compostable cups and spoons for take-out.

Thank you to those customers who faithfully returned clean jars for us to reuse! If you have Color Ridge Farm jars, we will happily accept them for a full credit/refund through December 30th. After that, you may keep and repurpose your jar(s) in any way you see fit.

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