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Our 2022 Farm & Creamery Recap

A.C. Ivory
February 2, 2023

Wow! 2022 was quite the year! We can't believe it is over and everything that we accomplished throughout the year.

Our year started off by venturing down to Tucson, Arizona, for two months. Before we moved here in July 2021 we had already planned on spending a couple of months down in Tucson during the winter. Even though we fell deeply in love with our home, chickens, and community here we ventured off down south. Outside of working remotely while there, we also ventured out and did a lot of hiking and exploring. We also took pottery classes and absolutely loved it! We anticipate on getting our own wheels and a kiln one day! We are so grateful for our friends who stayed at our house while we were gone to tend the chickens and house.

A photo of Joseph and A.C. while we were in Arizona.

Almost immediately after we returned from Tucson at the end of March we added 10 more chickens to our little farm family. We got them from our friend, Landon Jacobsen, over in Redmond. If you are looking for chicken feed, you should check him out at Bacon and Eggs Farm. We love that he provides a non-GMO feed for our chickens.

Shortly after getting back from Tucson we also began working vigorously on our plans to get the ice creamery up and running! For me, the process of starting a business was eye-opening. I had no clue how many regulations, rules, and preparatory items needed to be completed and signed off on before we could open. April-June was very busy getting the store up and going!

A photo of our ice cream store as we were getting ready for opening day.

We planted our first garden here this year. When we moved here in July 2021 it was too late to get anything going. This year we planted so many different varieties of vegetables. We had everything from tomatoes, corn, squash, peppers, carrots, and so much more. One of my favorite things from the garden was our cabbage that we made into delicious sauerkraut! In 2023 we are going to plant a lot more cabbage so we can make even more sauerkraut to sell in our store.

A photo of our garden.

In June, right before we opened the creamery, we spent some time with both of our families in Idaho and Wyoming for family reunions. We joined Joseph's family in Burley, Idaho, where one of his sisters and her family live. We then headed over to the Preston, Idaho, area where my family has a cabin. We spent several days with each family and then went over to Joseph's old stomping ground of Star Valley, Wyoming.

July 1st, our opening day, came quickly! It was such a fun watching all of our friends, tourists, and community members come support us! Our friend, Beth, owner of the Wild Rabbit Café, was our first customer! I think our friend, Barry, was a bit disappointed she beat him to the chase! He was our second customer, right behind Beth.

A photo of our friends and customers enjoying the patio on our opening day.

The next few months were incredible to see the amazing support we received from everyone. It was so fun to meet so many new people, both from our community as well as travelers from all over the world. We are grateful for each and every one of you!

Fall was so beautiful. It was the year before too. I really love the fall weather around here. In November we were so lucky to get 3 baby boy alpacas from our friends, Annette & Troy, over at Wild Red Cover Ranch & Fiber Mill! If you missed some of our Instagram posts about them, go check them out on our Instagram page! Don't worry, we will be posting a lot more about them as time goes on!

Our three alpacas and cockapoo.

The holidays came and we stayed quite busy. Between the creamery being quite busy (thank you to everyone who supports us!) and our other businesses we seemed to always be working on a project in the house, on the farm, or at the store. We partnered with Shooke Coffee Roasters and the Wild Rabbit Café to host a Christmas holiday part at the135 (our building where all three businesses reside). The party was a lot of fun, filled with live music, holiday shopping, yummy food, and delicious ice cream. We definitely plan on doing that each year, along with a lot of other parties and gatherings at the135!

We headed north with our kids for Christmas, spending time at A.C.'s family in the Salt Lake area, and then up to Start Valley, Wyoming, with Joseph's family. The time spent seeing everyone was fun, but we were very glad to come back home to the farm.

Our family photo.

2022 was packed with so many fun things and adventures, and we look forward to so many more this year in 2023!

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