November 2023 - Ice Cream Pies & Fall Harvest

Thanksgiving Orders!

It is time to order your ice cream pies and half-gallon ice cream cartons for Thanksgiving!

Ice Cream Pies: $22

Available Flavors:

- Pumpkin Spice (graham cracker crust)

- Capitol Reef Peach (graham cracker crust)

- Sweet Mountain Mint (graham cracker crust)

- Oreospresso (chocolate cracker crust)

- Cookie Dough (chocolate cracker crust)

Half-Gallon Ice Cream Cartons: $32

Available Flavors:

- Vanilla

- Chocolate

- Pumpkin Spice

- Cookie Dough

- Capitol Reef Peach

- Sweet Mountain Mint

To place your order, you have multiple options: send us a message on Instagram or Facebook, reply to this email, or visit our shop in person.

The deadline for ordering is the end of the day on Wednesday, November 15th!

Order pickup is available on both Saturday, November 18th (1-6:30 pm) and Monday, November 20th (4-6 pm).

Salt Lake City Area Orders

We are excited to off our Salt Lake area friends the ability to order ice cream pies and half-gallon cartons again this year!

As with orders down here in Wayne County, Salt Lake orders are first come-first serve with limited availability.

We will determine a centralized location in Salt Lake County for pickup on Tuesday, November 21, like we did last year. Right now we are thinking of Murray Park, but we will let you know the final location several days before pickup.

Fall Harvest on the Farm

This fall, our farm was bustling with activity! Our orchard was brimming with an abundance of fruit and our gardens lush in vegetables and herbs.

We took nearly 100 pounds of apricots to Etta Place for their Apricot Mead. We used a ton of them in our Apricobbler ice cream and smoothies, and also froze a bunch for ourselves.

We were able to pick a lot of our cherries before the birds got to them, unlike last year. Although we are unsure of the variety, these cherries were small, bright red, and made a delicious sweet cherry simple syrup. We have used this syrup to make some delightful cocktails!

We were excited to find our plum tree filled with an abundance of fruit! After some research, we discovered that the plum variety is called Toka, also known as "Bubble Gum" plums. The name is fitting because these plums were incredibly sweet and juicy, the best we've ever tasted! We had a great time making a peach-plum jam using the plums from our tree and peaches from Capitol Reef National Park.

The remaining trees in our orchard consist of various types of apples. In mid-August, our Golden Delicious apples started to fall to the ground, so we began picking as many as we could. Throughout September and October, the other apple trees ripened, although we are unsure of the specific variety (an assortment of red apples). By the end of the season, we harvested a little under 3,000 pounds of apples to take to Etta Place! We are eagerly looking forward to trying their cider made from our own apples. Additionally, we made over 30 quarts of our own apple juice and even ventured into a little experiment of making our own hard cider. Robert and Ann at Etta Place are excited to see how it turns out! (Fingers crossed!)

In addition to our orchard, our gardens yielded an abundance of produce that almost overwhelmed us! This year, we successfully grew a wide variety of crops, including tomatoes, corn, onions, peppers, potatoes, tomatillos, numerous herbs, and much more. While certain crops thrived more than others, we are continuously learning and refining our techniques in regenerative agriculture and the unique challenges of gardening at an elevation of 7,000 ft.

With all of our garden harvesting, we preserved a significant amount of produce for the next year. We engaged in canning, drying, and freezing methods to do so. Specifically, we canned 43 quarts of green enchilada sauce, approximately 24 pints of tomato sauce, and a whopping 90 pints of salsa! It's safe to say that we absolutely adore chips and salsa. Additionally, we currently have around 50 large yellow onions in the process of curing. I could go on and on about each vegetable or herb we grew and harvested, but I think you get the point.

Needless to say, it was a very busy fall for us between the ice cream shop and all of the farm & garden stuff.

Winter Hours

Even though the summer season is over we are still open throughout the winter!

Saturdays, 1:00 PM - 6:30 PM

We’ll see you at the ice cream shop soon!

Farm Photos

This fall has been so beautiful on the farm so we just wanted to share a few photos of our little farm friends, leaves, etc. Enjoy!

Our little cockapoo, Hampton

Fall colors throughout the orchard

Our most curious and friendly alpaca, Lexington, aka "Lex"

Our precious Warwick

Our talkative, Denby

Two of our 14 laying hens, Agatha (left) and "Chicken" (right)

One of the many sunflowers throughout the gardens this year

As always, thank you for being on this amazing journey with us!

- A.C. & Joseph

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